7 Principles

The Seven Principles of Healing Eczema.

  1. Remove trigger foods and environmental factors

Certain foods and environmental factors will aggravate the immune system into acting aggressively.

This overloads the immune system, so it cannot fight infections, and also triggers the painful skin inflammation we are trying to eradicate.

Once you identify these triggers and eliminate them from your diet or lifestyle, your immune system will be less harassed, and can concentrate on fighting foreign bacteria and viruses.

How do you identify trigger foods?… read more

2. Correct any bacteria imbalance

There are about 400 strains friendly flora that live in our gastro intestinal environment. Most of them exist in trace amounts and do not affect our overall health, and there are several types of friendly flora in large numbers, which provide enormous benefit to our health.

What are those friendly flora we need on daily basis? The main kind that exists in … read more

3.   Increase your enzyme intake

As we discussed earlier, enzymes are the chemical catalysts that help our body function in every way. The human body relies on millions of enzymes to grow, heal and stay active. One important task for enzymes is to help break down the foods we eat and extract the nutrition so it can be absorbed by the body.

We absorb enzymes from the foods we eat, so naturally…read more

4. Increase your fatty acid intake

Every cell membrane in your body is made up of fatty acids, yet your body does not produce its own supply of essential fatty acids. So to keep these cells healthy and functioning, you need a healthy consistent balanced intake of essential fatty acids. If you are low in essential fatty acids, your skin can suffer from dryness or irritation.

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5. Detoxing against skin diseases.

What is detoxing? In short, it is a remarkable process that allows the human body to “get rid” of all the unwanted waste while eliminating the substances that don’t provide any benefit to the organism. A regular detox program brings a wide range of benefits affecting many different areas and organs in your body…. read more

6. Shift to an alkaline diet

What is alkalinity? Our body consists of 75% fluid and all fluids can be measured by the pH value scale from zero to 14. PH of 7 is neutral, while alkalinity is above 7 and acidity is below 7. Our blood PH is 7.4. While gastric fluid needs to be extremely acidic, the rest of your body is …read more

7. Stay Hydrated

Water is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring your body stays cleansed and nourished. Approximately half to three-quarters of your body weight is fluid, and this water content is responsible for transporting nutrients and maintaining cell life. When your body is …read more