What is Eczema?

If you are reading this, likely you already know what eczema is. it is itchy, ugly, irritating the life out of, and I can not stand it any more!

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The word eczema is derived from two Greek words, ek (meaning “out”) and zema (meaning “boiling”).  They were combined to create the word ekzein, or “to boil out”, a descriptive term for the way the skin of eczema sufferers becomes raised, reddened and inflamed.  Eczema is referred to as atopic eczema, as well as atopic dermatitis. Just in United States, there are about 30 million Americans who are suffering from this skin condition. In fact, 20% of eczema patients in America are infants. 



Eczema image on legs

For most people, the skin is protected by an oily (lipid) skin barrier, which works to maintain a healthy water level so the skin stays moist.  Eczema sufferers have an inadequate oily skin barrier, so their skin becomes dry and itchy, as moisture is lost.  But why do some people lack the ability to physically protect and replenish their own skin?


Some research points to a genetic link causing eczema, while other research highlights an over-reaction of the immune system.  While there are sound arguments for both theories, what we really need is a way to improve quality of life for eczema sufferers.


In my experience, eczema is triggered by the human body being malnourished, either because the diet is deficient in certain essential nutrients or because of the body’s inability to breakdown the foods so you can absorb the vitamins and minerals.  When you increase the vitamin and mineral intake and decrease the level of toxins absorbed into the skin and body, your skin will improve.  This approach led me to develop the Seven Principles of Healing Eczema.


As every body is different, with a different ability to absorb various nutrients and different sensitivities to toxins, then an individual cure for eczema will take some trial and error, working through these principles until you find the right individual balance for your body.

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