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My name is Sujin. I am a mother of two teenage girls, a wife, and a registered nurse.

 I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle. I am into health, nutrition, and a alkaline diet.cute_nature-HD.jpg


My older girl Elizabeth has been dealing with eczema ever since she was a baby. We have tried numerous creams and moisturizers, which have never fixed the root cause. Steroid cream was a short-term solution and I was afraid to use it due to long-term effects. I am a registered nurse and know that for certain medical conditions for some people, it is necessary to use steroidal medication.

 In 2012, we tried eczema treatment using apple cider vinegar, omega 3-6-9 blend oil, and acidophilus (In fact, theses are my recommended supplements for eczema).


We used 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in 1 cup of water twice daily, 2 different kinds of acidophilus twice-daily 30 minutes before mealtimes and omega oil. After 3 weeks, her eczema was completely gone. Her skin stayed clean for 1 year.


After a year, I had noticed that it started coming back slowly, and I was too lazy to deal with it. After all, it was cured!


To my excuse, I was going to school to finish my bachelor’s degree, and I was too busy to deal with it. I use the quick fix- steroid cream. After I used the steroid cream on and off about 6 month, the eczema was spreading all over her body- abdomen, behind her legs, inner thighs, and arms. I tried the same recipe, but it did not work this time. Just a minor improvement was noticeable.

 I knew I needed to do something. I started searching for an answer.

We started a gluten-free diet, an alkaline diet, and acidophilus supplements since last November. The eczema is about 90% gone after about 3 months of diet change, and still improving. Her itching is completely gone.


Now, the thing is she is 13 years old and loves to eat sweets, pizzas, sodas, etc. like any teenagers do. As her gut is healing up she is able to eat some of her favorite foods such as pizzas and cookies occasionally without flare-ups, as long as she doesn’t do that very often.


I believe that using a gluten-free, alkaline diet, along with probiotic supplements will help reverse eczema completely.

 I just wanted to share my thoughts and experience with people who are suffering from this horrible skin condition.



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